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  Bag of Rags  

A range of rags is an absolute necessity in every shed, garage, workshop, or even around the house.


Highly absorbent all purpose rags - Ideal for cleaning spills and preventing stains - Value pack

These rags are 100% recycled and highly absorbent - making them ideal for all cleaning jobs.

Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 6.30.26 pm.png

The possibilities for a basic rag are virtually endless, making it one of the most adaptable items of equipment you can own.


Workshop rags are the go-to item for any task, whether it's degreasing an engine block to find a bothersome oil leak, wiping up some coolant after bleeding the radiator, or even just cleaning the garage floor.


Cleaning rags are cheap and disposable, so you can use them to clean up even the worst mess and then throw them away, saving you from ruining your clothes, towels, sponges, or reusable cleaning supplies.

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