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                  We are proudly a volunteer-run not-for-profit.                    


 Jingi walla 


Our focus is on supporting homeless & at-risk community members in the Northern NSW and South East Queensland geographical regions, through the provision of our services to the existing front line agencies.


We believe that by supporting the existing agencies, we save them both financial and human resources they would previously have invested in acquiring and collating the ‘kits’ we produce; leaving them with more money and time to deliver their services to end clients. 

Our outcomes also limit the degree of ‘waste’ produced by our regional community, resulting in an excellent environmental outcome.


However, limiting environmental impact is a by-product of our priority outcome of ensuring that homeless and at-risk human beings do not go without the essentials of life.


Put simply; there is more than enough to go around we just facilitate the redistribution! ​

 Our Mission 

Providing opportunities for Social Inclusion through recycling-based Arts & Crafts.

Supporting other Not-for-Profits using our Arts & Crafts Skills.

 Acts of Inclusion 


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Photo-worthy workshops

full of creativity, laughter and learning.

All based out of our studios!

Caring Kits


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A range of kits for the homeless, at-risk, and low income community members. Including: Toiletry Kits (Male, Female, Kids, Baby, Family, Fur-baby); Kitchen Starter Kits; Linen Kits; Cleaning Kits; and more.



Temporarily on hold due to COVID-19

Sound the alarm on our volunteer-run community markets (Saturday's 7am-12pm) full of local products, including: fresh produce, food, art, crafts, and music!


Sheds 1 & 3
46 Through Street
South Grafton NSW

Monday to Friday

08:00 AM - 04:00 PM


08:00 AM - 02:00 PM



You can email us at or phone us on (02) 6643 4150

Alternatively, use the contact form below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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